About this Site

"What a beautiful mess I'm in!" As that song by Diamond Rio goes, so goes my love for God these days.

This site deals with my renewed appreciation for God through His Krishna form, a form which more accurately displays what I have come to believe is God's true character. Lord willing, I will have enough material to contribute to this site to justify it's existence before the next spiritual dry-spell hits! :)

Since I maintain my spiritual independence with regards to any particular belief system, this site will likely not be the best portrayal of all things Hindu, nor all things Christian.  It is simply that, out of all the visual interpretations addressing the simple question of What God's Form Looks Like, the Vaishnavite expression is the one which hits home with me.  I still maintain a deep gratitude for the spiritual liberation God's son Yeshua (Jesus) accomplished for all mankind through his sacrifice on the cross, which is another reason why I don't follow the religious rituals and regulations many in the Krishna-centric group do.  I still believe, as John 3:16 declares,  that God (Krishna) so loved the world that He gave His son for the reconciliation of the world, which eliminated the need for us to jump through ritualistic hoops to bridge some gap between Him and us.

So, while I'm caught up in the embrace of the divine in His Krishnaic expression, I remain, overall, eclectic in my spirituality, going by what I sense is the Lord's desire for me as an individual.

For some background on the inspiration behind this site, you can click "How it Began", below:

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