Monday, May 22, 2017

I've been gone a long time!


It's been about 5 years since I last posted here. I've gone through various phases since that time, even returning to the Catholic Church, but my approach to Catholicism is so universalistic that if this were the Dark Ages, I would have been burned at the stake at least five times over by now.  😃  This just confirms that no matter what religion I were to pick, I'd be a heretic in that religion in two weeks' time. 

In spite of all that, God, in His Krishnaic form, has remained the standard from my perspective.  It’s just been on something of auto-pilot lately.  I’m trying to rekindle the fire I had in Him which inspired the existence of this blog to begin with.  Perhaps posting more here again will help with that! 

Below is a poem I came across on Facebook, by Rumi, that motivated me to post here today:

"Look at His beauty. Watch His manner,
That figure, that stature,
That face, those eyes.
Look at His hands and feet.

Watch His color,
That dignity, that calmness.
Watch that One dressed
Like a full moon.

Shall I start with the cypress,
Or tell about the tulips,
Or describe the jasmine?
Shall I talk about the candle and bowl,
Or the roses that dance in the morning breeze?

Love looks like a pulpit for fireworks,
Dressed to become the form
Which came and cut the road
For the caravan of Heart.
O young one, give a moment of mercy.

All night I've been in the fire,
Burning until morning.
I'm so bright and happy from the morning sun.

I've been turning around His face
Which resembles the Moon.
I send greetings to Him
Without lips or tongue.
I throw myself to the ground."

Upon further investigation, the above is just a portion of a longer poem, which a fellow blogger has posted here if you're interested in checking it out.  It's beautiful, of course!