Thursday, April 12, 2012

Krishna Love

"Krishna Love" by MC Yogi with Jai Uttal

Sri Krishna
You're pure charisma
Your flute playing
is so intoxicating
Singing Your song
down in Vrindavan
Enchanting the Gopis
and all Your devotees
Filling the hearts
of all the bhakti yogis
In a trance You dance
the divine romance
of the Rasa Lila
with Radharani
In the Bhagavad Gita
You teach us bhakti
Your divine pass times
are so sublime
They open the heart
and reassure the mind
Providing shelter
when the monsoon enters
Balancing a mountain
on the tip of Your finger
You're the sweet butter face
called Baby Gopala
The lover of Radha
and the killer of Kansa
To You dark blue
 just like the ocean,
I offer my devotion
with all of my emotion
Hare Krishna!