Monday, April 16, 2012

Eureka! It wasn't a "religion" after all!

I had a full-on eureka-moment the other day, when it occurred to me that the reason why I was having such a hard time defining my relationship with Krishna in religious terms, is because what I've got going on here was never a "religion" in the first place.   It's a Relationship!

It was apples and oranges ... I was foolishly trying to describe an orange using terminology exclusive to apples! No wonder I was wracking my head, trying to determine where I fit into the religious spectrum, tipping sacred cows and up-ending cherished apple-carts in the process. 

Turns out I was religion-free all along, and simply immersed in a love-relationship with Love Himself. The realization of this was like having a dislocated shoulder suddenly pop back into place.  The need to know where I was supposed to fit in some religious spectrum vanished.  What I have here is not supposed to look like Hinduism, or Christianity, or Buddhism, or even Pastafarianism. :) It's a different thing entirely.
In a way, I feel as though I had been insulting this blessed gift of relationship with the Divine by calling it mere "religion". Kind of like the guy in the humorous old Polaner All-Fruit commercial, when he would offhandedly refer to the product as simply "jelly". Religion might be "jelly".  But this here is All-Fruit, baby! 

This would explain also why I refuse to see the Lord as little more than a ticket out of "samsara" or even "hell".  As the Song of Songs 2:16 puts it, He's my Beloved... and I am His. Period. 

"Religion" never had anything to do with it.