Monday, April 23, 2012

Dreams say so much

divine danceI think I have figured out what a dream I had a few months ago was conveying to me.

By way of background, I was wrestling with some rather uptight doctrinaire claims by a particular religion with regards to the 'proper' way to approach God.  Being very unorthodox myself, my counter-arguments to those claims got some petticoats in a pinch.  

So one night during that time, I had a dream that I was running around in a house trying to close as many windows and doors as I could, because there were several skunks trying to get inside. 

Yes, they were very cute.  But they were skunks. 

I think the dream symbolized protecting oneself against the stink raised by black-and-white thinking!  

Pretty wild, eh? 
b-6.png Divine dance

Monday, April 16, 2012

Eureka! It wasn't a "religion" after all!

I had a full-on eureka-moment the other day, when it occurred to me that the reason why I was having such a hard time defining my relationship with Krishna in religious terms, is because what I've got going on here was never a "religion" in the first place.   It's a Relationship!

It was apples and oranges ... I was foolishly trying to describe an orange using terminology exclusive to apples! No wonder I was wracking my head, trying to determine where I fit into the religious spectrum, tipping sacred cows and up-ending cherished apple-carts in the process. 

Turns out I was religion-free all along, and simply immersed in a love-relationship with Love Himself. The realization of this was like having a dislocated shoulder suddenly pop back into place.  The need to know where I was supposed to fit in some religious spectrum vanished.  What I have here is not supposed to look like Hinduism, or Christianity, or Buddhism, or even Pastafarianism. :) It's a different thing entirely.
In a way, I feel as though I had been insulting this blessed gift of relationship with the Divine by calling it mere "religion". Kind of like the guy in the humorous old Polaner All-Fruit commercial, when he would offhandedly refer to the product as simply "jelly". Religion might be "jelly".  But this here is All-Fruit, baby! 

This would explain also why I refuse to see the Lord as little more than a ticket out of "samsara" or even "hell".  As the Song of Songs 2:16 puts it, He's my Beloved... and I am His. Period. 

"Religion" never had anything to do with it.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Krishna Love

"Krishna Love" by MC Yogi with Jai Uttal

Sri Krishna
You're pure charisma
Your flute playing
is so intoxicating
Singing Your song
down in Vrindavan
Enchanting the Gopis
and all Your devotees
Filling the hearts
of all the bhakti yogis
In a trance You dance
the divine romance
of the Rasa Lila
with Radharani
In the Bhagavad Gita
You teach us bhakti
Your divine pass times
are so sublime
They open the heart
and reassure the mind
Providing shelter
when the monsoon enters
Balancing a mountain
on the tip of Your finger
You're the sweet butter face
called Baby Gopala
The lover of Radha
and the killer of Kansa
To You dark blue
 just like the ocean,
I offer my devotion
with all of my emotion
Hare Krishna!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Keep Doing That

You have wrecked my body.
Keep doing that.

I am more well with this deep ache
of missing You

than content with the
physical wonders
You can pacify us with.

~ Mirabai ~

Monday, April 9, 2012

A note of caution

I think I’m understanding a little better the whys and wherefores of a recent run-in I had with an ISKCON cult member after reading about the experiences of another former member of the group (link is at the end of this post).

I had put aside my anti-cult-watchdog tendencies awhile ago – and I want to be sure this blog doesn't become more about what I'm against  than Who I am for – but  I think I may need to revive them just a bit, at least in this case; I feel twice as responsible with regards to ISKCON, since my Krishna-centric postings might inadvertently encourage people to look further into Krishna via that organization, since it's easily one of the first places one would look to learn more about Him, and/or to connect with other devotees. 

Since I personally link Krishna with Christocentric Universalism more than I do with ISKCON or Hinduism, I feel it’s only right that I make my reservations about ISKCON more clear if I'm going to continue bringing Him up as I do.

So, on occasion, I'll be posting some things pertaining to ISKCON that folks might want to be aware of. PLEASE NOTE: While to say that ISKCON is an "evil" organization might be overkill, it does have its dark side, and, at the very least, involvement in it could take over one's life, becoming a substitute for a relationship with God if one isn't careful. And if I thought that the things I post about Krishna ultimately led someone into that sort of existence, I would feel terrible.

Without further ado, below is an incredibly informative and helpful article, "On Leaving ISKCON", by someone who was with the organization for 17 years:

On Leaving ISKCON, by Steven J. Gelberg

Friday, April 6, 2012

"Blue God"

The following is my Bohemian Vaishnava version of the song, "Rock God", by Selena Gomez and Katy Perry, containing some modifications which reflect my relationship with Lord Krishna,  and the reactions it has caused.
(Click here to listen to the original).

●♥Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ♥●•٠·˙Blue God˙·٠•●♥Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ♥

Preacher man got inside my head and he said,  he said,
Hey girl, don't throw those doctrines away!
Pastor don't mourn 'cause I've given my heart to the
Blue God and the flute that He plays
And the Lord has blessed my bohemian ways.
Oh I'm so possessed by the music
The music He plays


I can't stop my feet from dancing
To the sound of His flute
Oh no,
I fell in love with my Blue God
I can't keep my hips from swaying
To His sweet melody,
you see...
I fell...
in love...
with my True Blue God

Guru man got inside my head and he said, he said,

Hey girl, your views on God ain't right!
Swami, some things for me have come to light
Don't cast the first stone cause I'm not alone
And I still believe that God is the One.
And the Lord has blessed my so-bohemian ways.



No, I wouldn't change a thing even if I could
Cuz' I chose a path and I'm not looking back
And I'm sorry if I left the Saintly crying over me


Preacher man, preacher man

Guru man, guru man
(Forgive me but I don't know what I do)
Pastor man, pastor man
(Teacher man, why don't you understand)
Clergy man, clergy man

Cause I'm gone, gone,

gone, gone-gone-gone
Yeah I'm gone, gone, gone
With my True Blue God!!!