Friday, March 23, 2012

Discovering Divine Meaning in the Daily Mundane

I love finding hidden meanings in everyday things.   

In this case, it has to do with a simple car logo, specifically the one belonging to the Mercedes.  

I’ve always liked the name Mercedes because it means “merciful”, a characteristic I immediately associate with God. 

On top of that, the Mercedes logo looks similar to the Celtic triquetra or trinity-knot, which is spiritually symbolic for me as well.  I have long seen it as more representative of God than even the traditional cross would be. 

So, while most would see the logo as a symbol of material affluence, I’m busy coming at it from a totally different angle.  I know, I know ... I can be such a flake!
Well, another layer of meaning made itself evident to me the other day as I was gazing at the logo on a Mercedes in front of me in traffic.  I noticed that, in a basic geometric sort of way, the logo resembled (as the trinity-knot would also do) two hands put together in the Namaste position.  
I was floored – not a good thing to be while driving, so don’t try this at home! 

Now the logo has yet another level of significance that helps keep my mind on my sweet Lord. 
Did I mention I love finding hidden meanings in everyday things? 

Divine Dance