Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Vindication: I love how the Lord works!

Divine dance

Below are a couple of refreshing (and faith-saving) quotes, from sources who would be considered knowledgeable in the field.  They came to my attention after I had received a little bit of a backlash from more conservative voices over a previous post which I have since removed and which was something of a knee-jerk reaction on my part against writings which I felt were nothing more than dogmatic attempts at micro-managing which emotions are acceptable in one's individual approach to God.
"If we make our friendship with Krishna, it will never break. If we make our master Krishna, we will never be cheated. If we love Krishna as our son, He will never die. If we love Krishna as our lover, He will be the best of all, and there will be no separation. Because Krishna is the Supreme Lord, He is unlimited and has an unlimited number of devotees. Some are trying to love Him as lover or husband, and therefore Krishna accepts this role. In whatever way we approach Krishna, He will accept us." —Raja Vidya, Chapter 8

"God is willing to reveal Himself according to our expectations. All rasas are there in Krishna. We can enjoy loving pleasure with Krishna in any rasa, and Krishna is ready to respond in any rasa. The gopis came to Krishna out of lust, but their lust became purified. Try to approach Krishna in some way or another. Kamsa was also Krishna conscious, but he thought of Krishna as an enemy. Nonetheless he was liberated. So what to speak of those who are in love with Krishna?" ~Srila Prabhupada
In the event that knickers end up in a twist over this, all I can ask is the same question Paul asked in Romans 14:4:
"Who are you to judge someone else's servant? To his own master he stands or falls. And he will stand, for the Lord is able to make him stand." (Romans 14:4)
Besides, nobody should have to be apologetic for experiencing a rasa (also known as a bhava) that is said to be the highest of all of them:
"The last [of the bhavas] is Madhurya Bhava or Kanta Bhava. This is the highest form of Bhakti. The devotee regards the Lord as his Lover. This was the relation between Radha and Krishna. This is Atma-Samarpana. The lover and the beloved become one. The devotee and God feel one with each other and still maintain a separateness in order to enjoy the bliss of the play of love between them. This is oneness in separation and separation in oneness. Lord Gauranga, Jayadeva, Mira and Andal had this Bhava." ~ Sri Swami Sivananda
This comes as good news not only to me, but surely for any others out there who can relate to the likes of Mirabai, Jayadeva, or Andal.