Tuesday, January 31, 2012

"Valley of Dreams" by John Tesh

Not only is this piece of music absolutely gorgeous, but there are a few things about the video that I've noted below it, and which explain why I posted it here on this particular blog.

I notice some things in the above video that are synchronistically relevant to the subject of Krishna:
  • The lead performer (Robert Mirabal) plays a flute.
  • The flute-player's last name, "Mirabal", sounds quite similar to "Mirabai", which was the name of one of the most prominent Krishna-devotees and Hindu poet-saints in history.
  • And, much in the way the Lord might reassure the individual soul, at the end he says, "One day we'll see each other... my love, can you wait for me?" That alone would be music to the ears of any devotee, I'm sure!
♥ *sigh* ♥