Friday, November 18, 2011

"You are Mine!"

In my research concerning marriage to a mortal spouse as compared with belonging to God alone (bridal mysticism), I came across the following by Sri Swami Sivananda. Being currently separated (from a mortal spouse that is ), the part that really struck me was the following:

"My dear Mira, your life with this mortal husband is over now. You are absolutely free. Be cheerful. You are Mine.”

These words were spoken by Lord Krishna to Mirabai (a Hindu saint who was devoted to Him her whole life), Who appeared to her and stopped her from drowning herself in the river (something her angry husband had ordered her to do for supposedly disgracing her family).

I remember hearing in sermons how, when a woman loses her husband for whatever reason, God steps in and assumes the role of husband. They got that right! One drawback to this that I can see is from a humanistic perspective, in that once an Immortal, Omnipotent, Omnipresent, Unconditionally-Loving God becomes that Ultimate Companion, mortals just don't cut it anymore.

There’s simply no going back.

Human marriage has been said to be merely metaphor of the Real Deal, which can only truly be found in God. Human spouses change, and/or they pass away. But there’s something about knowing that the One you love will never change, die, or stop loving you back – and that at a depth that the mortal mind just cannot grasp – that packs that much more of a punch.

I like the following song and the imagery alongside it because it can be viewed as expressing the raptures of being caught up above the clouds in the ultimate love-embrace of the Divine, while, far below, mankind demonstrates what can only be described as a rough sketch (marred by its pitfalls) of that ultimate Union. I should add that the bluish cast Celine takes on towards the end of the video carries it's own significance as well for those who love God in His Krishna incarnation. A nice touch, that one is! :)

When Divine Love hits you, a New Day truly has come!